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Wednesday, May 18, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Humans have the freedom to choose any behavior they desire. However, there are physical limitations to those choices such as flying like a bird, running like a cheetah and swimming to great depths like a fish. We can overcome these limitations with the ingenuity of mechanical devices but flying in an airplane does not make us a bird, a racecar does not make us a cheetah or a dive tank a fish. We are humans no matter how loud or often our state controlled culture says we can be whatever we want to be regardless of reality.

The vast majority of people exhibit common and uniform behaviors that define us as humans. They have intercourse with the opposite sex to produce children. This is normal and necessary for human survival. When children are not created in sufficient numbers a society self destructs and eventually disappears.

Historically, in most cultures, women have been the nurturers and the men have been the protectors/warriors. Children are raised in families by parents or relatives.
Schooling was done for children to pass down the culture not a political agenda. Anyone who robbed or randomly killed was severely punished or banned from the community.

Today’s modern western nations have rejected traditional normal behavior for false enlightenment (tolerance) of what was labeled in the past as deviant behavior. The violently insane are no longer incarcerated but are heavily medicated and are roaming our streets.  According to Loretta Lynch’s justice department, even sex offenders or hardened criminals cannot be “discriminated against” by calling them what they are. The PC description by the Justice Department is, “Justice Involved Individuals.” This ridiculous approach puts the innocent in jeopardy of being harmed while coddling the evil perpetrators.

The rights of the vast majority of Americans, 99.97% are being trampled upon. Currently the Department of Education and the Justice Department have decreed that .03% of the population who self identify as transgenders should be granted the right to invade the bathrooms and showers in schools and other public facilities. These confused and mentally disturbed souls are being given absurd rights that infringe in the rights of the healthy majority of citizens to live the lifestyle that has existed and been sanctioned for centuries. Even if you give the right of private bathrooms for transgender individuals this will not satisfy the government edicts. They want them to choose whatever bathroom they would like. 

Until 1974 in the United States homosexuality was defined as a mental illness. This abruptly changed to normal behavior by a simple vote by the American Psychological Association and not due to any solid scientific evidence. This classification has been wiped out and has become not only acceptable but a cool, chic behavior that should be emulated. Being a transvestite, an individual who attempts to pass as a person of the opposite sex, was clearly seen as abnormal. This tolerance of abnormality has been taken to a new level by adaptive surgery to attempt to be accepted as the opposite sex. It is being advertised as a human right that is paid for by taxpayers for government workers.

Arbitrarily changing the concept of normal using anti discrimination laws has been forced on the majority. We are tyrannically told to be accepting through PC indoctrination and decreed anti discrimination laws by the executive branch.

Political correctness  and other “group think” techniques are tools previously used by leaders to transform the society into a more centrally controlled one. In these nations it was important to destroy the traditional cultures to introduce a totalitarian one. The family allegiance had to be obliterated to instill the state as the supreme power over all their subjects.

All traditional institutions have to be dismantled. Husbands and wives, blacks and whites, rich and poor, parents and children, young and old have to be divided through a war of one against the other. Local control has to be eliminated on all levels by centralizing it. Education and law enforcement have to nationalized. People power has to be eradicated and converted to the almighty government.

The most direct way to reverse the central government’s confiscation of local power is to reject the tolerance indoctrination campaign inundating us through the media, public schools and universities. We need to solidify our traditional natural law and Biblical moral values that have been passed down to us. Intolerance for immoral and destructive behavior will return us to sanity. The loss of freedom to think and speak our minds is extinguishing our ability to remain free.

Standing up for normal moral action is not intolerance, it is sanctioning good over evil. Tolerance of deviant behavior is supporting evil over good. The future course of civilization will be determined by the way we react to blatant brainwashing by the state.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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