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Wednesday, July 06, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio Traditional Realist

A 27-year experiment to erase eons of old cultures to unite into one European Union has been repudiated by Great Britain.  It is amazing that it has lasted as long as it has with these radically different cultures and their financial promises that never materialized for the people. The European International Banking elites immediately rushed in after the Brexit vote to create a financial scare by showing losses totaling over 2 trillion dollars to intimidate any other EU member from following England’s decision.

A few days ago The United States celebrated July 4th, Independence Day when we declared our independence from the global British Empire’s repression of our liberties. King George III along with his worldwide government elitist structure has no respect or fear of the colonialists in America or the rest of the empire. The King and his cohorts’ arrogance over their subjects showed to be the cause of most leaders’ being overly abusive to their so-called subjects. Americans should not give up our freedom and constitutional government to become pawns again to a detached ruling class.

Most US citizens are proud of believing in American exceptionalism even though progressive politicians, the media, universities and the last several administrations have been propagandizing us to view our country as an exploitive and unjust nation. These progressive elites undermining of our incredible accomplishments made little sense until they felt secure enough to openly advocate a globalist agenda that they believe they will be part of.

President Obama lectured the Brits to stay in the EU or they will be put: “back of the queue” for trade talks. He, along with every leader in the former independent European nations, put immense pressure on England to remain in the EU. More incredible, after Brexit, the political elite from both sides of the US political spectrum such as Henry Kissinger, GW Bush, George HW Bush, Alan Greenspan, Jay Rockefeller, Dick Cheney, the Clintons, Barbara Walters, John McCain and David Rockefeller who proudly admitted his family members were always dedicated internationalists. Almost everyone in the political establishment openly backed chipping away our sovereignty through trade agreements and international treaties behind the backs and without the consent of the people.

An overwhelming number of our leaders, Republican and Democrat, want a new political order of a one-world government instead of continuing as a sovereign nation. All those conspiracy theories of our country being sold out by our elites can no longer be denied. A world without borders is a world without nations until a One-World government is formed to end the chaos. Although our politicians have seen the inefficiency, ineffectiveness and corruption of the United Nations, they have supported giving power to international organizations to make decisions that will affect the lives of all the people of the world without their knowledge or consent.

The United States secretive political establishment has agreed to NAFTA- North America Free Trade Agreement, the SSP- Security and Prosperity Partnership, the CAFTA-Central America Free Trade Agreement and the TPP- Trans Pacific Partnership which is being pushed hard.  The US elites have financially backed the WTO- World Trade Organization to spend US tax money to buy international corporation power and influence throughout the world of nations.  We are enmeshed in numerous international agreements concerning financial, ecological, fool consumption, population control, nuclear weapons, Laws of the Sea and climate issues which are unknown to most US citizens.

America’s entanglement in a web of bureaucratic international laws has eroded our constitutional republic’s power. Although Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump have tapped into the anger against the political establishment’s underhanded, deceptive and corrupt practices of rigging our political system with bypassing the rights and interest of America they have not exposed enough. They have not exposed in detail all its negative implications to the American people.

The Brexit vote to withdraw from the EU has sent tremors into the secret master plan of imposing a one-world government. The European Union is the prototype of how to manipulate politicians of nations to give up their own nation’s sovereignty to obtain a seat at the table of a world government. The unraveling of the EU could bring back competitive nationalism and the end of the irrational fairy tale of a global government peacefully standing over all the world’s people.

Leaders throughout the world have felt the earth shake under their feet when it comes to one happy, Kum-baya, financially stable world government controlled by the intellectual elites. Greece, Italy Spain and even France are witnessing a national ground swell to regain more of their nation’s political autonomy that they have squandered.

The debate of the benefits and liabilities of the EU on the people of these various nations should have initially been part of the process of establishing it. It was not. Instead of coming from the grass roots to the leaders, it was imposed by the European elite from the top down.

Everyone should thoroughly and transparently consider the discussion of relinquishing one’s cultural lifestyle, beliefs and personal freedom. Continuing down the road toward one world bureaucratic totalitarianism may be in the self-interest of the minority ruling class, but it will enslave the majority.

Great Britain has stood up and shown the way to prevent people from all over the world losing their liberty to a One-World central government.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at

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