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Wednesday, June 01, 2016



Bernie Sanders is folksy appearing in his rumpled suits and spastic finger pointing. His speeches are direct with simply expressed ideas. Bernie clearly attacks the
“1%ers” of each party. The Wall Street lobbyists, big money friends are his primary targets. He often infers that our nation is too capitalistic and we should adopt socialistic policies. His older brother, Larry, who he greatly admires, placed him on his socialist path. He has stated he is a “democratic socialist,” the same term Lenin used before Russia was revealed as a communist state.

Bernie is a sophisticated politician who has served 25 years in the House and Senate. He has been a proponent of the second amendment, which is contrary to his socialistic ideals. The reality is he is a senator from Vermont with a strong belief in gun rights. Any gun control rhetoric would have doomed his election. In this instance he is a typical politician saying what his voters want in order to be elected.

Sander’s speeches are full of references to a political revolution. He harangues against both political parties and their leaders. He views the Republicans as well as Democrats as part of the status quo and pawns of Wall Street’s corporate world. Bernie pretends that he is one of the 99%ers with one pair of underwear. The reality is he lists his net worth at half a million dollars. His other assets have been put in his wife’s name, Jane O’Meara Sanders, who was the president of Burlington College. He adamantly states that the rich do not pay their fair share although he deducted $8,946 on his 2014 tax returns for business meals. He has been an IRS enrolled agent and had his own tax preparation business preserving every cent of his income.

Mr. Sanders thinks the government should provide economic security and social equality for all. In a recent speech at the University of Puerto Rico he blames the debt crisis of PR on Wall Street but cowardly did not touch on the outrageous out-of-control spending and corruption. He shouts about explosive income equality, insisting that government should have greater control of every aspect of our lives and have more give away programs. He believes this will correct all socio-economic ills. He wants to break up the banks, not by increasing competition but through increased regulation to increase government control. Obamacare is too timid for Bernie who wants to make it a total single payer system. The millennials love his pronouncement that he will provide free university tuition for everyone.

Furthermore he advocates for the typical progressive A-Z agenda: diversity, multiculturalism, pro choice, women- LGBTQ rights, planned parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and Global Warming reversing it through taxing the people of advanced nations. Not surprisingly his fanatical supporters do not question how he will finance these programs.  Even his Democrat opponent in the primary, Hillary Clinton, is not asking this question.  Instead she is attempting to one-up his impossible promises. His entire presidential campaign could be considered to be based on Obama’s “Hope and Change” slogan except on steroids.

The progressive media is also mute on the economic front. They concur with his radical socialistic-communist agenda. Most of them have been indoctrinated in our leftist university system. They have been taught that socialism-communism is the pinnacle of the intellectual’s central governance of citizens. Bernie is saying leftist ideals more straightforward than the intelligencia mass media ever though possible in their lifetime. He is their darling.

Bernie is a product of this progressive system. He attended the very liberal leftist University of Chicago. He was constantly exposed to leftist propaganda. He studied the horrors of the Soviet Union’s murdering of millions of its own people. He lived through the destruction of Cuba’s economy and freedom in the 1960s by Fidel and the murderous Che. He was exposed to Mao’s violent Cultural Revolution, Ho Chi Min in Vietnam, and Pol Pot in Cambodia- with the elimination of 1.5 million people of the opposition and currently the socialistic failure of Chavez’s Venezuela.

The question that should be asked after seeing these communist policies implode is how can he support them or deny that radical socialism does not work? He could disregard the evidence, which means he is not being honest. He can argue that the reason that all communist societies do not work is that they just did not have the right person to make proper decisions. This political view would have to lead people to believe either he is brainwashed, not too bright or is ignorant.

Another more realistic possibility is he is a slick politician playing the role as a fumbling, kind, weird uncle who is trying to win the 2016 presidential election.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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