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Wednesday, July 27, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD Traditional Realist

Many American people have bought into “free healthcare” hook, line and sinker.  Currently many politicians are peddling the idea that everyone has a “right” to free college tuition, food, housing, vacations, cellphones and most definitely health care. This extensive list of freebee promises has always been the magnet used by Marxists to win the allegiance of naïve, noncritical thinking people.

Things that are “free” are not appreciated, are abused and overused. People stop taking any responsibility for their self-destructive behaviors. Gluttony, alcoholism, drugging and physical laziness become more widespread when government states you will receive free healthcare regardless of your own actions. They have the incentive to inoculate their bodies from disease naturally boosting their immune system.

In the case of “free healthcare” people’s undisciplined lifestyles lead to greater disease, which overwhelms the system. The knowledge of how to heal their own bodies vanishes. Patient visits to doctor’s offices become rituals with a long wait and a short five-minute visit. New drugs are exchanged or added to others to suppress the symptoms but not directly deal with the health issue.

Government services have always earned the reputation of getting things done as poorly and inefficiently as possible. Americans are witnessing the debacle of the Veteran’s Administration’s inability to deliver timely quality service to our honorable and deserving warriors. The returning veteran have certainly earned it more than merely elected politicians.  The Veteran’s Administration is in such shambles that seriously ill veterans have died waiting more than six months without seeing a government doctor to save their lives.

Healthcare will truly not be free as advertised since the recipient will pay for it by confiscation of their wealth, less freedom to choose and no opportunity to rise in the socio economic ladder. The citizens quickly learn the government has established protocols, not by wise doctors or what is good for the patient but by the bureaucrats. They determine the direction and extent of treatment the physician must follow or they will suffer lower or no reimbursement for their services. An individual’s body in a “free healthcare system” becomes the property of the government. It is no longer your own.

After years of ridicule of the most advanced medical system in the world, many Americans were propagandized that major changes had to be made to reduce the cost while increasing the quality. Government mandates and free healthcare services for illegal immigrants and restrictive competition of health insurers across state lines were not addressed.

Opponents of purchasing one’s own healthcare of this existing healthcare stressed there were 9 million uninsured citizens many who chose not to budget for it or wanted to use this money elsewhere. President Obama made exaggerated promises that he was going to solve this problem and put $2500 back in the hands of the average family. He boldface lied when he stated that you can keep your doctor. Obamacare was corruptly bribed through congress without debate and without a single Republican vote to approve it.

However, we currently are being forced to accept exorbitant out-of-pocket costs, which have risen dramatically. Any co-pay requirements have to be met before the insurance kicks in. We should honestly evaluate this radical change before it is too late to turn back.

Tax money robbed by the government healthcare system will be redistributed to other government programs like robbing the Medicare trust fund. After the majority of it is wasted on the bureaucratic maze it is unaccountable and open to corruption and unaccountability. The quality of the delivery system decreases due to this waste and mismanagement of government revenue producing an unacceptable product.

No government or physician has the right to dictate what you have to do with your body except in “free” government healthcare. The healthcare system will define illness, treatment plans, length of hospitalization and funds available for your particular issue. The termination of your treatment will depend on your age, severity of condition and statistical data of potential success. It will be a cut and dried procedure based on cold, easily manipulated data not on the value of one’s life.

Most citizens inherently comprehend the exchange of money for service is a more honest transaction that better insures excellence than a bureaucratic system. You have the power of the purse to ask questions about the prescribed drugs while receiving all the information you need in order to make a good decision. When you like the healthcare you receive you tell others about it. The control of the money in the hands of the consumer forces the businessman, in this case the physicians, to perform quality service or lose their patients and thus their practices.

Self reliant, free Americans currently should have the right to choose to care for themselves without penalty. Many do not want to be a burden on others. Citizens have a responsibility to choose a healthy lifestyle or be at the mercy of others. The only way to take control of your own healthcare needs is to make good, disciplined choices in your own life. Eating healthy foods, sleeping a sufficient length of time, exercising, all in a structured and balanced way to maximize your immune system in order to stay healthy.

When a person becomes ill, he should research the best health options to restore his health.  He then needs to follow through on his strategies including paying out of his own pocket for the best medical services he can afford and show gratefulness to family and friends who assist him. He then could pray for God’s guidance and intervention.

Expecting “Big Daddy” government to care for your health from cradle to grave is more than naïve and selfish. It is ignorant and disgraceful.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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