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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


By Domenick J. Maglio PhD. Traditional Realist

Throughout the modern western world youth is worshipped. They are perceived as carefree, smart and high-energy explorers of the world. The majority of them are praised for their naturally cute actions and ability to absorb incredible amounts of information. Their youthful appearance with flawlessly smooth skin is the ultimate example of health and beauty.

The Hollywood media has ordained adolescents as the ultimate prototype of humanity’s perfection. They have been placed on the highest pedestal. Their parents become their unwavering fan club. They are showered with presents and accolades for every thought uttered and every immature self centered action and thought. These youngsters have become a materialistically entitled class that does not have to earn their privileges and gifts that are showered on them. The impulsive sexual, drugging and dramatic behaviors of teenagers have spread to middle aged adults.

Youth has become our role model instead of mature adults. They are honored for many things that come natural in this stage of life. Adult now also want to imitate youngster’s spontaneous behaviors without thinking about the impact on others. Things are said for their novelty and shock value instead of to convey insight and truth. Too many adults are attempting to copy youngsters’ looks and behaviors instead of sharing knowledge and advancing their child’s potential for success in life.

Most adults are not only buying the next bigger and better toy to entertain the youngsters but also themselves. Much money is spent on cosmetic surgery and beauty products to look younger. These temporal and superficial items cause us to work longer and harder in our often-meaningless positions. We do not feel fulfilled, stimulated or challenged in these bureaucratic restricted jobs. The social media, video games, sports and Hollywood indoctrination monopolize the rest of our time, depriving our ability to contemplate and appreciate the miraculous and wonderful things of our existence.

This emphasis on youthful fantasy culture is preventing many adults from gaining the wisdom that comes from searching and understanding the truth taught to us by daily dealing with reality. There is little time to listen, observe, think and analyze what is happening before their eyes everyday. These opportunities to integrate events are being lost in our phony-entertainment reality world dished up by the media. Sex and violence are incessantly employed to gain our undivided attention. We are bombarded by one lie after another in advertising and in the media in our PC culture. Unfortunately dishonesty has become a common element of doing business in this age.

Living longer lives does not necessarily lead to wisdom. There are too many older adults who are self-centered takers, not givers. They have squandered their time and money on the latest fad drugs and excursions to nowhere. There are too many adults who have not learned from their experiences to mature into knowing individuals who understand the consequences of their actions before they do them.

Gaining knowledge of how the world works takes thorough and honest evaluation of the events in our lives. As we analyze them and similar ones we start seeing definite patterns of the way different behaviors get different results. The wise person learns there are real important consequences for our actions. They avoid behaviors that produce negative results and conscientiously increase those that are advantageous ones.

These experiences teach us the importance of living in a certain manner to stay on the straight and narrow path. This helps us reach a higher level of humanity. This knowledge of the wise when passed on to others betters the entire society. This is one of the reasons ancient societies all over the world venerated the elderly. These nations would seek out the wisdom of these people before making drastic decisions reshaping the direction of their culture and society.

These elders passed on their knowledge and insights to their children and grandchildren to strengthen the family unit. They were not viewed as decrepit, worthless individuals that had to be locked up in segregated facilities to fade away from everything and everyone. They were venerated as special individuals who learn how to live effectively and correctly absorbing the insights afforded them.

People with years of existence on earth who lived learning the patterns of the reality of life are a phenomenal human resource that should not be wasted. They are not as exciting as a new life with unlimited potential although some of these elders have successfully reached their entire potential leaving behind an extensive legacy. These incredible people have grasped the essence of life and have given much to us to assist the development of others and the society as a whole.

Domenick Maglio, PhD. is a columnist carried by various newspapers, an author of several books and owner/director of Wider Horizons School, a college prep program. You can visit Dr. Maglio at


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